When receiving your shipment, you'll want to only share the book with your child. There's a message your child will call out at the end of the book, which travels to a far away land to the Dragon Keeper. The Dragon Keeper will send back a video message for you to share with your child the next day (after you've hid the clues but your child does not know this). During this video message, the Dragon Keeper will send the clues 'magically' to your home along with the first clue to the quest. Your child will solve the riddles placed around your home and the last clue will lead them to the treasure and dragon egg (which you've also hid). All of this information is in the easy to follow instructions.

Kit includes:

DRAGON KEEPERS fully illustrated storybook.

1 hand-painted Dragon egg. (Choose your color at when adding to cart.)

Magical video message from Bodhi, the Dragon Keeper-you'll receive video link in your confirmation email.

Epic Quest clue cards.

10 pieces of 'treasure/coins - colors and pieces will vary.

Treasure satchel bag - colors will vary.

2 small dragons to color or paint at home.

Step by step instructions for parents/guardians.

Dragon Keeper Do At Home Adventure Kit

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  • Bring fun and adventure HOME with our in-home adventure kit! Read the story book about Bodhi, the Dragon Keeper, who is looking for boys and girls who he can share his dragon eggs with! If you are up for taking an epic quest, speak your message to Bodhi and wait for his reply! Once you receive his video message, he will magically place clues around your home to be solved until you reach your very own dragon egg and treasure!  This in-home scavenger hunt is one of a kind and will surely bring a fun experience and memories to your child!