Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Joe, Bodhi and I have been working on an at-home adventure kit for the last few months and it’s finally ready to share!

We started our Super Hero Boot Camp classes last year and had to discontinue them due to Covid-19. As time passed, we weren’t sure if Learn Love Play would continue. At the same time, we watched as Bodhi had to transition out of kindergarten to distance learning which left us broken hearted as he absolutely loved kindergarten and playing with friends. Like many others, we’ve watched him miss out on birthday parties (he really wanted to have a "friends" birthday party), holidays with family, playing with neighbors and so much more.

There’s a guilt and sadness as you tell your child they can’t play with the neighbors or give a hug to a family member. Through more and more discussions, Joe and I (and help from family as well!), we brain stormed ways we could deliver some joy, imagination and experience into other people’s homes. This was the start of our in-home kit and the story of the Dragon Keepers. Being that Bodhi (and Joe and I) love Super Heroes, it seemed only right to have Bodhi serve as our Super Hero in red cape, in our idea and story. As the idea built, we created Bodhi, the Dragon Keeper, and the Dragon Keepers storybook: ‘Bodhi holds the most important role in his far away land! But he ends up wanting to share with others the joy he feels in protecting the dragon eggs. But first, to gain the title of Dragon Keeper, one must go on an epic quest! Bodhi sends an important video message from his Dragon Keeper room and transports the clues into your home using his magical, lightning hammer! He also delivers the first clue and starts you off on your Quest! One must solve all 11 riddles in an epic scavenger hunt, to find their treasure and beautiful dragon egg!’ We hope to invoke imagination, deliver entertainment, create excitement, adventure and a fun experience for people during these challenging times. ❤️❤️

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