About the Dragon Keeper Kit:
Our kit starts with a story of a Dragon Keeper who lives in a beautiful land filled with  friendly and happy dragons. Upon discovery that not all children have these wonderful  friends, Bodhi, the Dragon Keeper wants to share his dragon eggs with other children! He decides to find a boy or girl that would be  willing to go on an epic quest to become the next Dragon Keeper!
Your child will read the Dragon Keepers storybook at bedtime with them sending out a  magical message to Bodhi that they would be willing to go on the quest in becoming the next Dragon Keeper. The next day they will receive a video message from Bodhi the Dragon Keeper in his far away land! He will magically place the clues around your home and give the first clue to the in-home quest. (You will have placed the 10 clue cards, which are already written out for you with instructions on where to hide around your home. The answers are everyday items that people will have so anyone can utilize the cards  no matter where you live.)
The last clue will lead your child to their treasure which includes treasure, coins and the colorful dragon egg that they now are the keeper of!

As parents of a 6 year old, we've witnessed our son missing out on many experiences  during COVID-19 and quarantine.  Like many children, he had to leave school mid-year and move to distance learning. It was our son's kindergarten year, a milestone he  was so excited to participate in. And like so many others, we've watched as our children have missed birthdays, holidays, playing with friends and maybe most of all - they've  missed hugs and memory making moments with extended family.

Since we've been limited to places we can visit or people we can see, we wanted to 

develop something that would bring a fun experience and adventure into people’s homes. 

We hope our kit brings a moment of joy and happiness to your child during these 

uncharted times. 

Dragon Keepers
Adventure Kit Includes:



In-Home Scavenger Hunt/Quest. 


Magical video message from the Dragon Keeper.

TREASURE! (Dragon egg, jewels, coins, pouch, official Dragon Keeper card) 


2 small dragons to color or paint at home.

Step by step instructions for parents/guardians. We've created the clues and cards - we tell you where to hide them. Hiding spaces are common areas around the home making a scavenger hunt that anyone can do.


Example of at home dragon keeper scavenger hunt clue card

Example of clue card.

Each egg is unique and will have variations in color/texture. Dragon eggs can also be fragile, be sure to keep in safe place and avoid dropping.