Frequently asked questions

The instructions state to read the story at bedtime, how closely do we have to follow the instructions?

We understand each family is different and may need to adjust the instructions according to their needs. It's up to each family if they want to adjust. You could read the book in the morning and have hidden the clues around the home the night before. Or hide the cards in the morning and read the book to your child after that. Completely up to you. Biggest thing will be to have the clues hidden prior to watching the video message as this will intiate the start of the epic quest!

What exactly is the kit?

The Dragon Keepers In-Home Adventure kit was created by parents, Brandy and Joe Harmon. With COVID-19 preventing many families from leaving their home and looking for different activities for their children, Brandy and Joe created the kit for a fun and imaginative experience to have - at home. Your will start the adventure by reading the storybook, Dragon Keepers. A tale about a Dragon Keeper from a far, far away land who finds out that children, in other lands, don't have the magical and friendly dragons that he has in his land. Being the keeper of the dragon eggs, he decides he wants to search for children who are caring and kind and would be willing to take an epic quest to become a keeper of one of his dragon eggs. As the story ends, the books asks if YOU (your child), would be willing to go on the epic quest to become the next Dragon Keeper. And if so, call out the magic words! These words travel to Bodhi in his far away land, and the next day after reading the book, you will receive a video message from Bodhi the Dragon Keeper! You will have hid the clue cards prior to showing your child the video message. (Step by step instructions included.) During the video, Bodhi will 'magically' hide the clue cards in your home and deliver your child the first clue to the Quest. Your child will then go on a scavenger hunt throughout your home finding all of the cards. The last clue to the Quest will lead them to their very own dragon egg and treasure!

What ages is the kit created for?

The kit is created for ages 3-8+ years old. The younger your child, the more assistance they will need as they take the quest. We give you the general area's to hide the clue cards. It's up to you on how easy or hard the hiding places are. The older your child, you may want to hide them in or under something and the younger the child, more out in the open. We've written the clues to be thought provoking and to engage problem solving skills.

Can 2 children do the scavenger hunt together?

Yes, they could go on the scavenger hunt together. We would suggest purchasing the adventure kit and then adding on a treasure kit so each child gets an egg/treasure. But you’d only need one book, video and set of clues that come in the adventure kit.