About Us

Joe and Brandy created Learn Love Play in 2019. They held "Super Hero Boot Camp" classes for children 3-6 years of age. It was such an incredible experience and they continued to hold classes into 2020. When COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020, they closed their classes.  They were unsure what would happen to their Super Hero classes and thought maybe Learn Love Play would no longer exist.

As weeks and months went by, they watched as their 6 year old son, Bodhi, was missing experiences, holidays, and making memories with friends and extended family - which as parents, it saddened them. They realized how anyone with children likely felt the same way. This was the start of the development of the Dragon Keeper In-Home Adventure Kit. 

Before COVID-19, Bodhi and his cousins would create scavenger hunts at their Grandparents house and would have so much fun running around solving each clue and using their imaginations along the way. They felt creating an in-home scavenger hunt would help bring joy and imagination into other children's lives, something we could all use in this difficult time. They developed their Dragon Keeper In-Home Adventure Kit while in quarantine and out of their own home in Minneapolis, MN. They hope their kit brings some entertainment, imagination and a fun experience for your family.